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Enter the digital world of Teh Stream!

Join the notorious animator Leggy as she explores the digital scape of her chatroom. Team up with friends, meet fans, and battle adversaries all while trying to unravel the mystery behind an ominous hacker... Who is this person? What do they want? With so many visitors and potential suspects, will Leggy and her friends be able to stop the hacker with their reputation intact?

To learn about Teh Stream's origins, check out Teh Stream Comic
You can also play the spin-off title called Teh Stream: A Twizted Tale

This game is created with the RPG Maker VX Engine. It features seven main areas to explore, with an array of optional side-quests along the way. Teh Stream is populated with tons of unique characters, many of which you can choose how to interact with. These interactions can determine your reputation throughout the game, resulting in three different possible endings.

Averages to about 3 ~ 4 hours of gameplay.
Download is 213 MB.

Release date: April 4th, 2015

Teh Stream™

Install instructions

How to Install:
• Click the link at the bottom of the webpage
• Click "Download" - The time it takes may vary
• Run a scan on the file for safety measures
• Once saved, the file needs to be extracted
• Once extracted, open "Teh Stream" folder
• Find the application called "Game" (horse icon)
• Just double click that and you should be in!

Important Note:
Do not tamper with any of the folders or files inside the main folder!
Doing so will cause game-breaking crashes among other technical errors.


Teh Stream - English.rar 213 MB
Teh Stream - Español.rar 153 MB

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