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Return to the digital world of Teh Stream with Twizted_Chick, a rebellious girl with dreams of someday hosting her own popular chatroom. Upon her first time visiting Teh Stream chat, Twizt is treated to a swift kick into reality. Noobsweeps, elitism, unfair banning... people can be so freakin' mean when hidden safely behind their computer screen! But rude people soon become the least of Twizt's problems, once she begins to learn the dark and ominous truth behind Teh Stream. Not to mention its elusive owner, ShadowLeggy; a notorious animator who may be holding the darkest truths of them all. Will Twizt be able to defend her newfound friends and the chatroom they've built together?

To learn about Teh Stream's origins, check out Teh Stream Comic
You can also play the first instalment of the franchise: Teh Stream

This game is created with the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine. It features eight main areas to explore, and offers a variety of minigame mechanics along the way. Teh EXtream is populated with tons of new, unique characters all with their own personalities and interactions. Use your journal to always keep clued in on what to do next, and witness Teh Stream in a whole new light, seen from the perspective of an entirely different cast.

About 4 ~ 7 hours of gameplay.
Download is 150 MB.

Install instructions

• Click a link at the bottom of the webpage
• Click "Download" - The time it takes may vary
• Run a scan on the file as a safety measure
• Once saved, the file needs to be extracted
• Open "Teh Stream - A Twizted Tale" folder
• Find the application called "Game" (dragon icon)
• Just double click that and you should be in!

Important Note:
Do not tamper with any of the folders or files inside the main folder!
Doing so will cause game-breaking crashes among other technical errors.

If you wish to use the sprites or artwork that I created, please provide credit to @DoubleLeggy


Teh Stream - A Twizted Tale.exe 142 MB
Teh Stream - A Twizted Tale.rar 146 MB

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