A downloadable game for Windows

The Game Demo features the first ~30 minutes of the full game, give or take some time, depending how much you choose to explore. You'll get to witness how Twizt is introduced to Teh Stream, see some familiar faces, meet new friends, and get into some Strama early on. This is only the beginning though, as there's a whole digital world out there to eventually explore! Download size 220 MB.

The Tech Demo is meant only to show off some new features of RPG Maker VX ACE. This includes all-new scripts, as well as intricate event planning that can call objectives, manuals, and anything else in need of display. It contains the basics of how the game will function, the available items and abilities, and other such similar features. It also contains no spoilers for the actual game. Download size 60 MB

Release date: July 25th, 2015

Teh Stream™

Install instructions

How to Install:
• Click the link at the top of the description
• You'll be directed to a Google Drive webpage
• Click "Download" - The time it takes may vary
• Google should be safe, but run a scan to be sure
• Once saved, the .rar needs to be extracted
• Once extracted, open "Teh Stream" folder
• Find the application called "Game" (horse icon)
• Just double click that and you should be in!

Important Note:
Do not tamper with any of the folders or files inside the main folder!
Doing so will cause game-breaking crashes among other technical errors.


Twizted Tale DEMO.exe (222 MB)
Twizted Tale [TECH DEMO].exe (57 MB)

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